We Al Arifi Group for Medical Services and Hospitals Supplies established in 1997 and began to take care of medical equipping, laboratory and hospital furnishing as well as all needed medical appliances. Consequently we got many foreign agencies in the same field.

Development and ownership

The company developed and owned two of the biggest hospitals in Yemen. The hospitals are Al-Amel Specialized Hospital and Tehama Specialized Hospitalalong with some pharmacies.


It was necessary to establish a department of Medicines and Cosmetics (Al arifiStar Pharma) enabling us to supply our own hospitals and pharmacies and then made a distribution department for medicines contracted with some local companies.


We have been keen to contract with many reputable, foreign, trusted companies, and which had European quality certificates as well as several certificates for warranty of after sales service from several European countries and from America, Japan, Korea, Arab countries and China.

Our market share

The total number of public and private hospitals in Yemen Republic increases more rapidly and steadily, either in private or public hospitals. The pharmacies are estimated between 3500 to 4000 pharmacies distributed in allover Yemen. Our company deals currently with a good share of Yemeni market as it mainly depends on sales and marketing management including the wholesales and pharmacies. Moreover, we usually share in bidding governmental tenders in medical and laboratory appliances fields.

Chairman Message

There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, and to develop our present, we must put a clear vision for our future. Yesterday we started as distributors for importers’ products, today we have a Group of diverse health activities & Various medical agencies, which is Al Arifi Group for Medical Services based on solid foundations and applying the latest administrative systems in the management of Health systems and facilities. We look forward not only for expansion on HODIEDAH city but also for all the provinces of the Republic, system, management and spreading, and we are aware of the values and principles on which we grew up, and which we have established our great family (Al Arifi Group for Medical Services and Hospitals Supplies ) with each of its members, As Investing in human development is the cornerstone of business success and sustainability. Our vision of success also is to measure the satisfaction of our customers and meet their expectations and needs. We continue to strive to improve our performance, find the best, and look for new opportunities to increase our activities inside Republic of Yemen. Therefore, we pray to God Almighty that Al Arifi Group for Medical Services continue its march and contribute to the prosperity of our national economy and promote the development of our children and our future society.


Dr. Mohammed AL-Arifi